Canna Flower Thai Sunray


The tropical hybrid Canna Thai Sunray is a very popular ornamental plant in Thailand and other tropical and subtropical Asian countries.

In our home country Thailand Canna hybrids escaped cultivation and are widely found throughout the country, especially in wet areas. This creates the impression Canna plants are endemic to Asia, which is wrong. The rhizomatous genus Canna, belongs to the order Zingiberales and contains just about 20 species, all of them native to the Caribbean islands and tropical Americas. In the Victorian Age, about 1870, hybridisation of Canna plants became very popular in England and other European countries, especially Italy, Germany and France. Unfortunatly we couldn`t find out either the parentage of Canna Thai Sunray, nor other aspects of the history of the cultivation of this tropical Canna hybrid. Canna Thai Sunray plants reach a height of about 1,50 - 2 meters and are best cultivated in full sun and a moist, well drained soil. Flowering season: Spring - Autumn. In Thailand Canna flowers are a gift for father´s day, which is celebrated at the 05.12., the birthday of His Majesty the King of Thailand Bhumibol Adulyadej the Great, Rama IX. More about Canna plants: Indian Shot (Canna indica)

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Image: Canna Flower Thai Sunray
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