Cattlianthe Little Fairy


Cattlianthe Little Fairy (formerly: Sophrolaeliocattleya Little Fairy Yellow Hydrangea) is an epiphytic growing orchid hybrid a crossing between the hybrids Cattleya Nestrasiri Beauty (seed parent) and Cattlianthe (formerly Sophrolaeliocattleya) Kauai Star Bright (pollen parent). Cattlianthe Little Fairy has been registered with the Royal Horticultural Society as Sophrolaeliocattleya Little Fairy in 1989 by Yuai Sae Lim. Later on the accepted name was changed to Cattlianthe Little Fairy. The yellow flowers with a pleasant fragrance, sometimes with and sometimes without a red blotch get a size up to about 7 cm. Flowering period: November - February.

The tropical orchid hybrid requires inzrtmediate - warm temperatures and a location in partial shade. Plants should be kept humid, but not wet. Sophrolaeliocattleya orchids, abbreviated SLC in horticultural trade, are intergeneric orchid hybrids, crossings between the orchid genera Sophronitis, Laelia and Cattleya.

Cattlianthe Little Fairy (Sophrolaeliocattleya Little Fairy)
Flower Photography © Orchids
Image: Cattlianthe Little Fairy (Sophrolaeliocattleya Little Fairy)
Photographer: Kitisak “Nat” Jaidee

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Kelly July 30, 2010 at 02:57

That’s an incredible yellow on that flower and a very nice shot of it too boot. I really like the little red splotch.

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