Cymbidium Promised Land


Cymbidium Promised Land is a terrestrially growing, heat tolerant Cymbidium (HTC) hybrid, a crossing from Cymbidium Nancy Carpenter (seed parent) and Cymbidium Peter Pan (pollen parent).

Cymbidium Promised Land has been bred in 1987 by Milton Carpenter and has been registered with the Royal Horticultural Society by Everglades Orchids an orchid nursery in Belle Glade, Florida, USA. Everglades Orchids is specialized in hybridisation of heat tolarant Cymbidium and Oncidium intergeneric hybrids and has yielded more than 185 AOS awards in the past 45 years. Cymbidium Promised Land flowers, with a slight sweet fragrance, get a size of about 6-8 cm. Flowering period in the tropics: October - December. The heat tolerance of C. Promised Land is derived from C. ensifolium (25 %) and C. chloranthum (25 %). Other mixed in Cymbidium species are: C. lowianum, C. sinense (13 %), C. insigne, C. grandiflorum, C. eburneum and C. parishii.

Cymbidium Promised Land
Flower Photography © Orchids
Image: Cymbidium Promised Land

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