Heaven Lotus (Gustavia gracillima)


Gustavia gracillima Miers 1874, commonly called Heaven Lotus or Narrow-leaved Gustavia, is a small tropical tree or medium sized shrub, native to Colombia.

Heaven Lotus trees reach heights of about 6 meters and are listed as endangered species with the IUCN Red List of Threatened Species. Flowers, which last just for one day, get a size of about 10 cm across, have a sweet-fetid scent and are born directly at the wood (Cauliflory). Flowering period: Spring. The attractive leaves reach lengths up to about 50 cm. Gustavia gracillima belongs to the Lecythidaceae family and is related to the Cannonball Tree (Couroupita guianensis). The slow growing, evergreen Heaven Lotus tree is suitable to be cultivated in pots and requires a warm - hot, tropical climate
and a location in semi-shade or full sun.

To overwinter the Heaven Lotus temperatures shouldn`t drop below 15°C and watering should be restricted. During growth season the tropical plant requires a constantly moist,
but not too wet soil.

Heaven Lotus (Gustavia gracillima)
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Image: Heaven Lotus (Gustavia gracillima)


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