Heliconia orthotricha Eden Pink


Heliconia orthotricha L. Andersson 1981 is a perennial, tropical plant from the Heliconia family (Heliconiaceae), native to the North of South America (Bolivia, Colombia, Ecuador and Peru).

The cultivar Heliconia orthotricha Eden Pink reaches heights up to about 3 meters and requires a warm - hot, tropical climate. Plants are best cultivated in full sun - light shade and require a consistently moist soil. Heliconia orthotricha Eden Pink shouldn`t dry out between waterings. Heliconia plants are ranked in the order Zingiberales and, as the related ginger plants, they grow from rhizomes. Heliconias are cultivated in many tropical and subtropical countries around the world for their spectacular and colorful blossoms, the real flowers are small and unremarkable, but produce ample nectar that attracts pollinators, like hummingbirds, bats and insects. Heliconia orthotricha Eden Pink blossoms are well-liked, long-lasting “cut-flowers” and are used for exotic, floral arrangements and decorations.

Heliconia orthotricha
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Image: Heliconia orthotricha Eden Pink

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