Lemonia (Ravenia spectabilis)


Ravenia spectabilis (Lindl.) Engl.1874, commonly called Lemonia, Limonia or Pink Ravenia is a flowering shrub, native to
Central- and South America and the Caribbean Islands, but also naturalized in India, Pakistan and Bangladesh. The Lemonia (Ravenia spectabilis) shrub belongs to the citrus family (Rutaceae) and get a heihgt up to about 3,5 meters. The picturesque, evergreen shrub with glossy three-lobed leaves is well-liked as an ornamental flowering plant because it’s flower is delicately beautiful and in the tropics it blooms nearly all around the year, with a peak in summer.

Lemonia (Ravenia spectabilis) requires warm temperatures, a location in partial shade and shouldn´t be overwatered.
The dark pink flowers are very attractive to butterflies.
The tropical shrub isn´t hardy and doesn´t tolerate cold temperatures below about 5° C.

 Lemonia (Ravenia spectabilis)
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Image: Lemonia (Ravenia spectabilis)

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