Orchid Hybrid Catasetum Jumbo Waltz


As we found this beautiful Catasetum orchid hybrid at an orchid competition in Chiang Mai, North Thailand, we didn´t know, that it will need more than a years time to figure the name Catasetum Jumbo Waltz out. For the very first time we couldn`t get more information about an orchid, so if You have informations of the Catasetum Jumbo Waltz, means which parentage, origin, etc. please let us know. We´re sure, as Catasetum orchids are native to South America and the Caribbean islands, Catasetum Jumbo Waltz can´t be a Thai orchid, but it looks like that this colourful orchid beauty, which isn´t registered yet, could possibly has been hybridized in Thailand.

Catasetum Jumbo Waltz
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Imgage: Catasetum Jumbo Waltz

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