Orchid Hybrid Cattlianthe White Bridal


Cattlianthe White Bridal is an epiphytic growing orchid hybrid with pure white flowers, a crossing between Cattleya Angelwalker (seed parent) and Cattlianthe Candy Tuft (pollen parent).

The orchid hybrid has been registered with the Royal Horticultural Society in the year 1990 by the Ran-no-sato Dogashima Orchid Resort, a botanical garden in Shizuoka, western Izu, Japan. Cattlianthe White Bridal has been developed by the Tomei Toyokawa Orchid Nursery. Cattlianthe, abbreviated Ctt. in horticultural trade is the nothogenus, means the “hybrid genus”, for intergeneric crossings between the orchid species Cattleya Lindl. 1824 and Guarianthe Dressler & W.E. Higgins 2003. The elegant, white flowers of Cattlianthe White Bridal get a size of about 8 cm across. Inflorescences carry up to 4 flowers.

Orchid Hybrid Cattlianthe White Bridal
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Image: Orchid Hybrid Cattlianthe White Bridal

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