Orchid Hybrid Tolumnia Jairak Rainbow


Tolumnia Jairak Rainbow is a miniature to small sized, epiphytic growing orchid hybrid, a crossing between the Tolumnia hybrids Tolumnia Tsiku Vanessa (seed parent)
and Tolumnia Catherine Wilson (pollen parent).

The orchid cultivar has been registered with the Royal Horticultural Society by K.Somboonphon, an orchid breeder from Thailand, in the year 2004. The lovely flowers of Tolumnia Jairak Rainbow get a size of about 2 cm and in our tropical home country Thailand the orchid hybrid blooms all around the year. As Tolumnia species orchids, with a very few exceptions, are native to the Caribbean Greater Antilles, thetropical plants require a warm - hot, humid climate and are best cultivated in a partial shaddy location. Tolumnia Rainbow orchid hybrids are available in many colors and are considered as easy to care plants. They can be recommended for orchid beginners, as well as for orchid enthusiast, who are short of space.

Flower Photography © Orchids Flowers.com
Image: Orchid Hybrid Tolumnia Jairak Rainbow


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