Oriental Lily Lilium Cherbourg


Lilium Cherbourg is a white-yellow Oriental Lily cultivar with up-facing flowers, like the stargazer lily (Lilium Oriental Stargazer) . Plants reach hights up to about 1,20 meters. The large flowers are highly fragrant, with a very pleasant perfume and get a size of up to 25 cm in diameter. Flowering period: July - August.
The perennial lily hybrid Lilium Cherbourg, developed in Holland, last about 3 years, with good care, even longer. The oriental lily is considered as an easy-to-care plant. The hardy Oriental Lily Lilium Cherbourg requires a well-drained, acidic soil, rich in humus and is best cultivated in full sun. The lily hybrid has medium water needs. Before planting the bulbs out in spring, be sure that temperatures are mild and there will be no more frost

Oriental Lily Cherbourg

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Images: Oriental Lily Lilium Cherbourg
Photographer: Kitisak “Nat” Jaidee

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