Phalaenopsis schilleriana


The beautiful Phalaenopsis schilleriana Rchb.f 1860 is one of the most popular Phalaenopsis species orchids in the world. The epiphytic growing Phalaenopsis schilleriana orchids are native to the Philippines (Luzon) and have been named by the German botanist Heinrich Gustav Reichenbach
in honour to Consul Schiller, a German orchid enthusiast, who brought the orchid plant to flower. As species orchids are often difficult to care plants, orchid breeders and orchid friends claim, that Phal. schilleriana is an easy to care orchid and they recommend, if somebody wants just one Phalaenopsis for his orchid collection, he should choose a “Schilleriana “. Adult Phalaenopsis schilleriana plants can carry, on several up to 90 cm long inflorescences, up to 150-250 fragrant flowers. Flowers get a size of 8-9 cm. Flowering period: Summer - early Autumn.

Phalaenopsis schilleriana Rchb.f 1860
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Image: Phalaenopsis schilleriana Rchb.f 1860

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