Pink Trumpet Vine (Tecomanthe hillii)


Tecomanthe hillii (F. Muell.) Steenis 1927, commonly called Pink Trumpet Vine or Fraser Island Creeper, is a tropical climber or liana, native to the Frazer Island,
Eastern Queensland, Australia, the largest sand island in the world
and a World Heritage site since 1992.

The Pink Trumpet Vine (Tecomanthe hillii) belongs to the Bignonia family (Bignoniaceae) and reach lengths up to about 9 meters. The stunning, not fragrant flowers are born in tight clusters and can vary from dusky pink to light red and light purple. Single flowers get a length of about 6 cm and are long-lasting. Flowering period: Spring - Summer. The Fraser Island Creeper (Tecomanthe hillii) is best cultivated in sandy soil, requires intermediate - warm temperatures and a partial shady - sunny location. The tropical liana may stand temperatures of 0°C for a short period, but isn`t hardy. The Pink Trumpet Vine is considered a well-behaving climber
and didn`t grow too vigorous.

To keep the plant in shape and form it may be pruned gently in autumn. Whilst the tropical plant requires regularly waterings during the growth season from spring to autumn, watering should be restricted during the winter rest. In early spring the Fraser Island Creeper should be slightly fertilized with a low phosphorus fertilizer.

Pink Trumpet Vine, Frazer Island Creeper (Tecomanthe hillii)
Flower Photography © Orchids
Image: Pink Trumpet Vine, Frazer Island Creeper (Tecomanthe hillii)

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