Spider Orchid Hybrid Brassidium Kenneth Bivin


Brassidium Kenneth Bivin, formerly Odontobrassia Kenneth Bivin, is an epiphytic growing, intergeneric spider orchid hybrid, a crossing from the species orchids Oncidium cariniferum (seed parent) and Brassia arcuigera (pollen parent).

Brassidium Kenneth Bivin has been registered with the Royal Horticultural Society by D.Bivin in the year 1982. The name spider orchid typically refers to the orchid genus Caladenia, but there are numbers of other orchid genera and orchid hybrids, which are commonly called spider orchids, as they`re reminescent of a spider. The long arching inflorescences of Brassidium Kenneth Bivin carry up to about 10 flowers. Flowers get a size of about 12 cm. The Spider Orchid Hybrid Brassidium Kenneth Bivin requires a warm to hot, humid climate and a partial shaddy location.

Spider Orchid Brassidium Kenneth Bivin


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