Spiral Ginger (Costus barbatus)


The perennial, tropical plant Costus barbatus Suess. 1942, better known as Spiral Ginger, Red Velvet Ginger or Red Tower Ginger, is a member of the order Zingiberales and the most cultivated species of the Costaceae family. The Spiral Ginger (Costus barbatus) is native to Costa Rica, but a very well liked ornamental plant in many tropical countries. The bright red inflorescenses on top of the stems sprout yellow flowers, whilst mature. Stems grow up to height of about 3 meters, undersides of the leaves are covered with soft fluff. The red inflorescences of Spiral Ginger are long-lasting and stay for about one year. Like Heliconia plants, Spiral Ginger inflorescences are very popular as cut flowers and often used for exotic floral decorations. Costus barbatus plants require a warm to hot, humid tropical climate, as the tropical plant tolerates short cold periods,
it should be protected from frost.

Spiral Ginger (Costus barbatus)
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Image: Spiral Ginger (Costus barbatus)


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