Waterlily Hybrid Nymphaea King of Siam


Nymphaea King of Siam, in its country of origin Thailand called Nymphaea Chalong Kwan, is a tropical day-blooming waterlily hybrid with fragrant flowers.

The King of Siam waterlily has been developed in the year 1996 by Mr.Chaiyapon Tamasuwan, who runs a waterlily nursery in Chachoengsao, Thailand. The Chalong Kwan hybrid is the most double-flowered waterlily created until today. Flowers stand about 20 cm above the water surface and get a size of 10 - 17 cm across, but like many hybrids they are sterile, means the plant will not set seeds. Flowers open in the morning and close by sundown. Flowering period: June - September. Like other tropical waterlilies, Nymphaea King of Siam requires full sun and warm water. Whilst the water temperature drops below 24°C the aquatic plant will go dormant. The Nymphaea hybrid will first stopp flowering, then it will reduce growth dramatically and if kept in cold water for an extended period the tropical plant will die.

Waterlily Nymphaea King Of Siam
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Image: Waterlily Nymphaea King Of Siam

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