Arthur Francis George Kerr Thai Orchid Collector


Arthur Francis George Kerr, Thai Orchid Collector

Arthur Francis George Kerr (1877–1942) wasn´t a botanist, as he was an Irish medical doctor. A. F.G. Kerr was an orchid lover and grew native Thai orchids in his home, while he was working for the Thai government.
In 1904 he started to illustrate Thai orchid species and later on in the year 2008 he showed 215 of his illustrations to Robert Allen Rolfe, the famous orchidologist at the Royal Botanical garden at Kew. Rolfe, the director of the Kew Herbarium urged A.F.G. Kerr to continue collect Thai orchid species and provided him with equipement for his botanical work, which was important for the study of the flora of Thailand.

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