Banaba Flower (Lagerstroemia speciosa)


Lagerstroemia speciosa (L.) Pers. 1806, commonly called Queens Crape Myrtle, Banaba Tree, Giant Crape Myrtle or Pride of India is a tropical flowering tree from the loosestrife family (Lythraceae). In 1770 the father of taxonomy Carl von Linnaeus described the plant as Munchausia speciosa, in 1806 the, in South Africa born, botanist Christiaan Hendrik Persoon (1761-1836) changed the botanical name in Lagerstroemia speciosa. As the tropical tree, native to India and South East Asia, is widely cultivated as an ornamental plant for its beautiful flowers, the leaves and other parts of the plant have a long history in nature medicine. The Banaba herb is used for the treatment of diabetes, urinary dysfunctions and diarrhea, as well as to control blood pressure and the cholesterol level. The deciduous Lagerstroemia speciosa tree can reach a height of about 10 meters. From November - January the Banaba tree sheds its leaves. Flowering period: Late Spring - Summer.

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Image: Banaba Flower (Lagerstroemia speciosa)

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