Blue Orchid Hybrid Vanda Manuvadee


Vanda Manuvadee is an epiphytic growing, blue orchid hybrid, a crossing between Vanda Ponpimol (Seed parent) and Vanda coerulea (pollen parent).

The showy orchid hybrid has been registered with the Royal Horticultural Society in the year 1985 by A.Arayangura. Vanda Manuvadee flowers get a size of about 10 - 12 cm in diameter. Flowering period: October - March. The blue orchid hybrid Vanda Manuvadee requires warm temperatures and a location in full sun - partial shade. Plants are best cultivated in hanging baskets, but then roots have to be watered regularly. If planted in a pot, the blue orchid hybrid should be grown in a well drained potting medium, like sphagnum moss, tree fern fibers and pieces of coarse fir bark, to avoid root rot.

Vanda Manuvadee
Flower Photography © Orchids
Image: Blue Orchid Hybrid Vanda Manuvadee

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