Canna Tropical Salmon


Canna x generalis Tropical Salmon is a dwarf Canna cultivar, with stunning, salmon pink flowers and a height of about 1,20 - 1,50 meters.

Even if this Canna Lily is often sold as a dwarf type, we saw them in our tropical home country Thailand as tall as the most other Canna hybrids, like Canna Thai Sunray, with heights up to 2 meters and more. Canna Tropical Salmon prefers a moist position with full sun and warm to hot temperatures. Most Canna Lilies are very good bloomers and reward perfect conditions with lots of big colourful flowers from late spring until late autumn. As we found out, there are real Canna Tropical Salmon dwarf cultivars available. This hybrids should not exceed a height over 60 - 80 cm. Canna plants with a rhizomatous rootstock, often commonly called Canna Lilies, belong to the order Zingiberales and are not Lilies (Lilium) and not even related to them. Relatives are Heliconias, Gingers (Zingiber) and Bananas (Musa).

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Image: Canna x generalis Tropical Salmon

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