Cattlianthe (Cattleya) Chocolate Drop


Cattlianthe (formerly Cattleya) Chocolate Drop Kodama is an epiphytic growing, intergeneric (formerly primary) orchid hybrid, a crossing between Cattleya guttata (seed parent) and Guarianthe (formerly Cattleya) aurantiaca (pollen parent).
The highly fragrant, intense burgundy red, flowers, with a strong sweet scent, reminescent of rose, citrus and lily, get a size of about 6 cm in diameter. Infloresceces reach lengths up to 20 cm carrying up to 25 waxy looking flowers.

Cattlianthe (Cattleya) Chocolate Drop “Kodama” has been registered with the Royal Horticultural Society in the year 1965 and is widely used as a parent in orchid hybridisation. The stunning orchid hybrid won many awards and there are reports of a single plant
with more than 500 flowers.

Cattleya Chocolate Drop
Flower Photography © Orchids
Image: Cattlianthe (Cattleya) Chocolate Drop
Photographer: Kitisak “Nat” Jaidee

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