Clitoria ternatea Butterfly Pea flower


Clitoria ternatea, commonly called Butterfly pea is a tropical vine
from the family of Fabaceae.
The beautiful, bright blue flowers are edible
and in many asian countries used for natural food coloring.
Clitoria ternatea, Butterfly Pea flowers are rich
in blue proanthocyanidin and also a natural antioxidant.
In Thailand the butterfly pea is called Dok Anchan
and used for a blue sirup for softdrinks,
for blue rice and Thai sweets.
In Burma (Myanmar) the flowers are fried in a batter.
Clitoria ternatea roots are used in Indian ayurveda medicine.

Clitoria ternatea, Butterfly pea flower
© Orchids
Image: Clitoria ternatea, Butterfly pea flower
Photographer: Anuparp Ratanakhon

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Flowers August 26, 2010 at 18:15

I really like your post you done a great jobs . Thanks for sharing valuable information.This is wonderful flower.

jazzy January 15, 2013 at 08:08

i’m fond of collecting flowers, orchids & ornamental plants. i really love flowers. thanks for sharing beautiful images of flowers.

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