Dendrobium New Guinea Orchid Hybrid


Dendrobium New Guinea is a primary orchid hybrid, a crossing from the species orchids Dendrobium macrophyllum (seed parent) and Dendrobium atroviolaceum (pollen parent), which both belong to the Dendrobium Latouria section, often misspelled as Latourea.

The Latouria section was formerly an own orchid genus, called Latouria, established by German-Dutch botanist Karl Ludwig Blume (1796-1862) in 1850 and named in honour to the French botanist Louis Theodore Leschenaultia de la Tour (1773 − 1826). In 1855 it was reclassified as Dendrobium section Latouria by the Dutch botanist Friedrich Anton Wilhelm Miquel (1811 - 1871). The Latouria section contains some of the most spectacular Dendrobium orchids, like Dendrobium alaxandrae, Dendrobium polysema and Dendrobium spectabile. This section contains about 50 species, native to the Philippines, Samoa and most of them to Papua Guinea. The impressive Dendrobium New Guinea orchid hybrid has been registered with the Royal Horticultural Society in the year 1956 by Y.Inouye. The epiphytic growing Dendrobium New Guinea is considered as a very robust plant and a good blommer. Flowers get a size of about 6 cm and are very long-lasting.

Dendrobium New Guinea
Flower Photography © Orchids
Image: Dendrobium New Guinea

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