Dove Orchid (Peristeria elata)


The beautiful, white Peristeria elata Hook. 1831 , commonly called Dove Orchid or Holy Ghost Orchid is the national flower of Panama. The terrestrial or lithophytic growing Peristeria elata orchid species with its highly fragrant, waxy flowers is native to the tropical American countries Costa Rica, Panama, Colombia, Ecuador and Venzuela. The erect inflorescences reach a length up to about 1,30 meter and can carry up to 20 flowers, but just about 5 flowers open at the same time. Flowers reach a size of about 5 cm in diameter.
Flowering period: July - August.

Dove Orchid, Holy Ghost Orchid (Peristeria elata)
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Image: Dove Orchid, Holy Ghost Orchid (Peristeria elata Hook. 1831)

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