Giant Spider Lily (Crinum x amabile)


Crinum x amabile Donn. 1811, commonly called Giant Spider Lily or Queen Emma Lily is a tropical plant belonging to the Amaryllis family (Amaryllidaceae).

The Giant Spider Lily with its stunning, highly fragrant, pink flowers is native to Sumatra (Indonesia) and considered as a natural hybrid from Crinum asiaticum and Crinum zeylanicum. Flowers of Crinum x amabile are sterile. Plants from the Crinum genus are often inaccurately called Crinum Lilies, but they aren`t even related to lilies (Liliaceae family). The giant spider lily reaches a height up to about 2 meters and requires a well drained soil, very high moisture and a sunny or partially shaded location. All parts of the bulbous, tropical plant are poisonous and handling the plant may cause allergic reaction and skin irritation. In tropical environments the plant is blooming throughout the year and don`t tolerates freezing temperatures.

Flower Photography © Orchids
Image: Giant Spider Lily (Crinum x amabile)

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