Globba winitii White Dragon


Globba winitii C.H. Wright 1926 White Dragon, commonly called white dancing lady ginger is a tropical, rhizomatous plant and belongs to the ginger family (Zingiberaceae).

The tropical ginger plant is native to Thailand and also available with purple flowerbracts, then called Globba winitii Ruby Queen or purple dancing lady ginger. The long-lasting flowerbracts, with its cute yellow flowers are used as cut-flowers for offerings to Lord Buddha and Buddhist monks and for exotic flower decorations and flower bouquets. Globba winitii plants are dormant most time of the year, they come back to life by the end of the tropical, hot season in June or July. Globba winitii White Dragon plants, which get heights of about 60 cm, start to bloom with the beginning of the rainy season in August. The tropical ginger plant Globba winitii requires a warm to hot, humid climate, a semi-shade location and regularly watering during the growth period. During dormancy watering should be restricted. Globba winitii plants aren`t hardy and don`t tolarate frost, whilst cultivated in countries with freezing temperatures rhizomes should be kept in winter at a cool and dark location.

Globba winitii White Dragon
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Image: Globba winitii White Dragon

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