Gustav Kunze 1793-1851 German Botanist


Gustav Kunze German BotanistGustav Kunze (1793-1851)
was a German botanist and doctor.
1813 Kunze registered at the
University of Leipzig, where he took
a doctoral degree in medicine.
Gustav Kunze had also
a good reputation as a botanist
and joined the
Wernerian Natural History Society
in Edinburgh in the year 1817.
In the following years
he became a member
of many botanical societies in Europe.

In the year 1837 he assumed the direction
of the botanical garden in Leipzig.
His research focus was on ferns,
but he also described a lot of orchids.
Gustav Kunze died at 30.04.1851 in Leipzig.
Heinrich Gustav Reichenbach named the plant genus Kunzea in honour of Gustav Kunze.
Gustav Kunze´s author abbreviations: Kunze and Kze.

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