Habenaria rhodocheila Hance


Habenaria rhodocheila Hance 1866 is a tropical orchid species, widely distributed
throughout South-East Asia.

The orchid grows terrestrially on mossy rocks. The four-lobed lip is available in different colours, from light pink to dark pink, cinnabar to bright red, purple and yellow through orange. In Thailand Habenaria rhodocheila is called San Hin or Lin Mangkon, which means Dragon Tongue. The flowers get a size of up to about 3 cm. Flowering period: September - October. Habenaria rhodocheila orchids are protected by CITES Appendix II (trade controlled to avoid use incompatible with species survival). The tropical orchid requires cool to warm temperatures and a shady location. Watering should be restricted during the winter rest until new growth appears.

Habenaria rhodocheila Hance
Flower Photography: © Orchids-Flowers.com
Image:pink Habenaria rhodocheila Hance 1866
Photographer: Posantor “Chocolate” Saelie

Flower Photography: © Orchids-Flowers.com
Image:orange Habenaria rhodocheila Hance 1866

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