Heliconia chartacea Sexy Pink


Heliconia chartacea Lane ex Barreiros 1972 with its cultivar Heliconia chartacea Sexy Pink, commonly called Pink Flamingo Heliconia, is a large herbaceous plant native to tropical America, especially found in Brazil and French Guiana (Guyane).

The Heliconia species plant reach heights up to 8 meters. The bright pink color of the pendulous blossoms are rare about Heliconias. Flowers are pollinated by Hermit Hummingbirds. Heliconia chartacea Sexy Pink, we couldn`t see a difference to the species plant, seems to be a cultivar, created by selection. Maybe the pink color is a bit more vibrant. Heliconia chartacea Sexy Pink requires a warm - hot, humid climate and is best cultivated in full sun - partial shade. The tropical plant, which is related to bananas (Musa) needs a consistently moist soil. The stunning pink-green blossoms are good for cutting and last for about a month. Heliconia chartacea Sexy Pink plants don`t tolarate freezing temperatures, they aren`t hardy.

Heliconia chartacea Sexy Pink
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Image: Heliconia chartacea Sexy Pink

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