Heliconia Golden Torch


Heliconia Golden Torch is a Heliconia hybrid, a crossing from the Heliconia species Heliconia psittacorum and Heliconia spathocircinata. Most Heliconia plants are native to tropical America and growing from rhizomes, like other plants from the order Zingiberales. Nowadays Heliconia plants are cultivated in many tropical countries around the world for their waxy bracts, often confused as flowers. The real small Heliconia flowers peeping out from the bracts (see: Heliconia stricta). The colorful flower bracts are widely used by florists as cut flowers for exotic flower arrangements and floral decorations. The nectar secretion of Heliconia plants attract pollinators like hummingbirds. Heliconia Golden Torch plants can reach a height up to 2 meters. Cut flowers last up to about 4 weeks.

Heliconia Golden Torch
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Image: Heliconia Golden Torch

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