Hoya elliptica Hook. f. 1883


Hoya elliptica Hook. f. 1883 is an epiphytic, associated in symbiosis with ants, growing tropical plant, endemic to Malaysia and Thailand. In natural surroundings Hoya elliptica can reach lengths up to 8 meters. The wax flower plant grows into or grows out of ant nests. Hoya elliptica flowers get a size of about 1 cm and are slightly fragrant in the evening. As this Hoya wax flower plant grows very slow and need a lot of care, Hoya elliptica can´t be recommended for Hoya beginners. The short time-lapse video below, shows an Hoya elliptica from early bud formation to full bloom and fade out of blossom.

Hoya elliptica Hook. f. 1883
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Image: Hoya elliptica Hook. f. 1883

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