Hoya finlaysonii Wax Flower


Hoya finlaysonii Wight 1834 is a tropical wax flower vine native to South Thailand, Malaysia and Indonesia.

The first specimen has been discovered on the island of Penang, Malaysia and has been named by the Scottish surgeon and botanist Robert Wight (1796-1872) in honour to one of its finders, the Scottish naturalist George Finlayson (1790–1823), a pioneer in studies of plants, animals and people of South Thailand and the Malay peninsula. Hoya finlaysonii isn`t just cultivated for its beautiful, fragrant flowers, but also for its attractive, patterned foliage. The scent is often described as spicy, but not unpleasant. Unfortunatly, the flowers, which are grouped in small umbels (about 10 cm in diameter) of up to 35 single flowers, are short-living and last just for about one day. Flowering period: Spring - Summer. Hoya finlaysonii requires an intermediate - hot, humid climate and a location in partial shade to full sun. The slow-growing tropical wax flower vine isn`t hardy and doesn`t tolerate freezing temperatures below 4°C.

Hoya finlaysonii
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Image: Hoya finlaysonii Wax Flower

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