Maxillaria tenuifolia Lindl. 1837 Coconut Orchid


Maxillaria tenuifolia Lindl. 1837 is an epiphytic or terrestrial growing orchid species,
commonly called Coconut Orchid, because of its wonderful coconut scent.
Maxillaria tenuifolia orchids are native to Central America.
Flowers reach a size of about 5 cm.
Flowering period: Spring - Summer

Maxillaria tenuifolia Lindl. 1837, Coconut Orchid
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Image: Maxillaria tenuifolia Lindl. 1837, Coconut Orchid
Photographer: Kitisak “Nat” Jaidee

It was a while ago, as we went to Miss Katai´s small orchid shop Phrao Orchids at Kamthieng market, Chiang Mai, North Thailand. While we stepped in the shop we´ve been infatuated by a very pleasant and strong coconut scent and we asked Katai, if she sprayed some perfume. No, no, why should I, look it´s that plant and pointed to the Maxillaria tenuifolia. The plant showed about 15 flowers and just…Whowww, what a strong, sweet scent.

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