Natural Hybrid Dendrobium × usitae


Orchid hybrids are not just man-made, there are also natural hybrids, created by mother nature. The beautiful and cute, epiphytic growing Dendrobium × usitae T.Yukawa 1995 is a natural hybrid, a crossing between the Dendrobium species orchids Dendrobium goldschmidtianum (seed parent) and Dendrobium bullenianum (pollen parent).

Dendrobium × usitae nothospecies orchids (as it`s a hybrid, it`s not a species orchid) are native to the Philippines. The “x” in the accepted botanical name shows us, that it´s a natural hybrid, the next word “usitae” is written in small letters. If the same orchid is a man-made hybrid, then it`s called Dendrobium Justin Lau, notice that the words “Justin Lau” start with big letters. Dendrobium Justin Lau has been registered with the Royal Horticultural Society Hybrid Register in the year 2005 by J.K.Lau. The showy, neat flowers of Dendrobium × usitae (Dendrobium Justin Lau) get a size of a bit more than 1 cm. Flowering season: Summer. The tropical orchid requires a warm to hot, humid climate. Watering should be reduced during the winter rest.

Natural Hybrid Dendrobium × usitae
Flower Photography © Orchids
Image: Natural Hybrid Dendrobium × usitae (Dendrobium Justin Lau)

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