Orchid Hybrid Oncidesa Sweet Sugar


As we found the epiphytic growing orchid hybrid Oncidesa Sweet Sugar, it was labeled as Oncidium Sweet Sugar and we thought, that will be an easy go. While we checked the name of the orchid hybrid with the Royal Horticultural Society, we didn`t get a result and had to start a research.

Finally we could identify the orchid as Oncidesa Sweet Sugar, but what the heck is an Oncidesa. We never ever heard this name before. Oncidesa is the nothogenus for hybrids, crossings from Oncidium and Gomesa, Oncidesa Sweet Sugar is a crossing from Oncidesa Aloha Iwanaga (seed parent) and Gomesa varicosa (pollen parent). The bright yellow orchid hybrid has been registered with the Royal Horticultural Society in the year 1990 by M. Sato, an orchid breeder from Hawaii. As we checked the name of the pollen parent Gomesa varicosa, we´ve got the next surprise presented, as it is not accepted, the accepted name by the science of botany is Oncidium varicosum Lindl. & Paxton 1837. So, with increasing frequency we come across a taxonomical mess, which causes a lot of confusion. Whilst we saw the Oncidesa Sweet Sugar at an orchid exhibition in honour to Her Majesty Queen Sirikit`s 80. birthday in our home city Chiang Mai, North Thailand, we just thought, yes, this is an Oncidium orchid hybrid.

Orchid Hybrid Oncidesa Sweet Sugar
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Image: Orchid Hybrid Oncidesa Sweet Sugar

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