Orchid tree (Bauhinia monandra)


Bauhinia monandra Kurz 1873, commonly called Orchid tree, Napoleon’s plume or pink Bauhinia, is a flowering tree, native to Madagascar, but nowadays found in nature in South East Asia, Australia, the Pacific Islands, the Caribbean Islands and the South of USA. The small, tropical tree or shrub reach heights of 6-9 meters and belongs to the bean family (Fabaceae). The orchid-like flowers change their colour from white to a pinkish purple, whilst he topmost petal shows beautiful markings. Orchid tree (Bauhinia monandra) flowers get a size of about 10 cm in diameter. Flowering period: Winter - Spring.

The remarkable flowers are attractive to bees, butterflies and birds. The fast-growing, tropical tree requires warm - hot temperatures and a location in full sun - partial shade. Bauhinia monandra orchid trees aren´t hardy and will not tolerate freezing temperatures. The deciduous, with good conditions evergreen tree has average water needs, but should not be overwatered.

Orchid tree (Bauhinia monandra)
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Image: Orchid tree (Bauhinia monandra)

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