Phalaenopsis violacea var. alba


Phalaenopsis violacea var. alba Teijsm. & Binn. 1862 is an albino form of the Phalaenopsis violacea orchid species, native to the Malay Peninsula and Sumatra.

The highly fragrant flowers of the epiphytic growing albino orchid get a size of about 3,5 cm. Flowering period: Spring. Phalaenopsis violacea flowers are born on an inflorescence which reaches a length up to about 15 cm and carry up to 7 successively opening flowers. The tropical orchid requires a warm - hot, humid climate and is best cultivated in deep shade. Never clip off not completely dried out inflorescences of this orchid species, as they may produce new flowers. Phalaenopsis violacea orchids are protected by CITES Appendix II (trade controlled to avoid use incompatible with species survival) and are often used in hybridisation to add fragrance to orchid hybrids.

Phalaenopsis violacea var. alba
Flower Photography © Orchids
Image: Phalaenopsis violacea var. alba
Photographer: Kitisak “Nat” Jaidee

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