Shower Orchid (Congea tomentosa)


Even if the tropical vine Congea tomentosa Roxb. got the misleading name Shower orchid or Shower of Orchid, the attractive, tropical plant is not related to orchids (Orchidaceae) at all. Shower Orchids (Congea tomentosa) are native to Myanmar (Burma) and Thailand, but are distributed all over South East Asia and in parts of India, China and Bangladesh. Congea tomentosa plants reaches heights of about 3-5 meters and can be cultivated as a climbing vine or trimmed as a shrub. The real flowers of the Shower Orchid are quite tiny, coming out of white, pink, lavender or violet, propeller-like velvety bracts. The tropical vine doesn`t tolerate frost. Flowering period: winter - spring.

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Image: Shower Orchid (Congea tomentosa)

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