Tropical Vine Odontadenia macrantha


Odontadenia macrantha (Willd. ex Roem. & Schult.) Markgr. 1937 is a tropical vine, native to Central- and to the North of South America.

The tropical plant is considered as one of the most beautiful, woody climbers and if that wouldn`t be enough, the flowers exhale a tantalising scent as well. As Odontadenia macrantha belongs to the dogbane family (Apocynaceae), the plant contains a milky, poisonous sap, which may cause skin irritation and allergic reactions. With climbing support the beautiful, vigorous, tropical vine can reach lengths up to about 5 meters and blooms all summer. Grow over a sturdy arbor to shade a porch or picnic table. The yellow Odontadenia macrantha flowers, whith an orange throat and star-like streaks, get a size of about 10 cm across. The still quite unknown tropical vine Odontadenia macrantha is best cultivated in full sun and requires moderate watering and fertilizing. The plant may take a bit of time to get established, but once it does, it becomes a real eye-candy and is considered as an easy to care plant. The genus Odontadenia has been established by the English botanist George Bentham (1800-1884) in 1841 and contains about 20 species of shrubs and woody climbers, native to tropical America. Odontadenia macrantha is also known under the synonyms Odontadenia speciosa, Odontadenia grandiflora or Echites macranthus, which is the basionym for the tropical vine.

Flower Photography © Orchids
Image: Odontadenia macrantha

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