Water Lily Hybrid Nymphaea Charles de Meurville


Nymphaea Charles de Meurville is a hardy water lily hybrid cultured by Joseph Bory Latour-Marliac (1830-1911), who founded a waterlily nursery in the year 1875 in Le Temple-sur-Lot, France.

The stunning pink-red flowers get a size of up to about 14 cm. While I found the Nymphaea Charles de Meurville at our local plant market in Chiang Mai, North Thailand, I thought, the identification of this water lily beauty will be an easy go, as there was a sign in Thai letters. As I`m not very good in reading Thai, I had to wait until my Thai friend Poo came to visit to tell me what`s written on that sign. Look at this beautiful water lily, I said to him and I´m very lucky as I have the name already. Please read the sign for me. My friend started to laugh. What`s so funny about this water lily, I asked him. Poo smiled and said, do You really want to know what`s written on that sign: Sold already ! Now I had to laugh too, but what a pity, it`s so difficult to identificate water lily hybrids. I will help You, said my friend, please give me Your water lily book. Unfortunatly this book is also written in Thai, but finally Poo could find this beauty. Nymphaea Charles de Meurville is producing lots of showy flowers during spring and fall. The aquatic plant is suitable for middle - large sized ponds.

Nymphaea Charles de Meurville
Flower Photography © Orchids Flowers.com
Image: Water Lily Hybrid Nymphaea Charles de Meurville

© Orchids Flowers.com
Image: Sold already (Khai laeuw)

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