Water Lily Hybrid Nymphaea Sunrise


Nymphaea Sunrise is a bright yellow, hardy water lily hybrid, first mentioned in Johnson Water Gardens (USA) 1930 catalogue, but as we found out, the beautiful water lily has just been renamed by US water lily breeders.

Nymphaea Sunrise has been primarly developed by the renowned French water lily breeder Joseph Bory Latour-Marliac (1830-1911) in 1888 and has been named Nymphaea odorata Sulphurea Grandiflora. The star-shaped flowers of Nymphaea Sunrise (Nymphaea odorata Sulphurea Grandiflora), known as one of the biggest hard water lily flowers, get a size of up to 13 cm in diameter and rise above the water surface to heights up to 15 cm. Its leaves spread up to 150 cm. Flowering period: Spring - Autumn.

Nymphaea Sunrise requires a spacious pond with water depths of 45-90 cm and a location in full sun. The water lily hybrid should be fertilized about once a month during the growth season, whilst fertilizing should be stopped
during the winter rest.

Nymphaea Sunrise
Flower Photography © Orchids Flowers.com
Image: Water Lily Hybrid Nymphaea Sunrise (Nymphaea odorata Sulphurea Grandiflora)

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