Water Lily Nymphaea colorata


Nymphaea colorata Peter. 1928, commonly called Blue Pigmy is a tropical,
day blooming water lily, native to East Africa.

The slightly fragrant, cup-like flowers, consisting of 4-5 sepals and 13-15 petals, get a size up to about 14 cm in diameter. In opposition to other tropical waterlilies Nymphaea colorata is still flowering, whilst temperatures drop as low as 18°C, but the aquatic plant isn`t hardy and doesn`t tolerate freezing temperatures. The beauiful, nonviviparous Blue Pigmy water lily, with its light blue or blue-violet flowers is suitable for small ponds as the plant requires space of just about 1-2 meters.

Nymphaea colorata forms in relation to the amount of leaves a lot of flowers and have a long flowering period. The round-shaped, attractive leaves get a size of about 20 cm in diameter and are green on the upper side and blueish-violet on the underside. The stunning Nymphaea colorata water lily is often used as a parent in hybridisation.

Water Lily Nymphaea colorata
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Image: Water Lily Nymphaea colorata

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