Indian Shot (Canna indica)


The botanical name for the commonly called Indian shot, Canna indica, is based on one of the biggest errors in human history, because “indica” means, originated from India. As Christopher Columbus discovered the “new world”, he thought while sailing westward, he could discover a new sea route to East Asia. As we know, he arrived at the Caribbean Islands, also called West Indies. The Indian Shot (Canna indica), a flowering plant from the order Zingiberales (ginger family), is native to the Caribbean islands and tropical Americas, but nowadays widely cultivated as a garden plant, because of its beautiful flowers. Canna indica is a well-liked plant for crossings and hybridisation and there are hundreds, maybe thousands of breedings around.

The Indian Shot (Canna indica) reaches heights up to 2 meters. The starchy rhizomes of Canna indica are edible and as easily digestible often used as infant or sick people food. As the rhizomes grow slower than potatoes or yams, the plant lost its agricultural relevance. The hard, black seeds are used for pearl necklaces and as a filling for rattles.

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Image: Indian shot (Canna indica)

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