Otto Warburg German Botanist


Otto Warburg German Botanist
Otto Warburg (1859 - 1938), not to be confused with his distant cousin Otto Heinrich Warburg, a Nobel Prize Laureate, was a German botanist and agriculture expert. Otto Warburg was also Zionist and from 1911 - 1921 he was president of the Zionist Organisation. He studied natural sciences (botany, chemistry and zoology) in Bonn, Berlin and Strasbourg, where he received his Doctor of Philosophy in 1883. Further on he studied chemistry in Munich and physiology in Tübingen. From 1885 - 1889 he undertook an expedition to Asia and visited India, Ceylon (Sti Lanka), the Dutch colony Java (Indonesia), China, Korea, Japan, Formosa (Taiwan), the Philippines and finally Australia. In 1893, after he finished the scientific analysis he forwarded his collection
to the botanical museum of Berlin.

As Otto Warburg was a Jew he would not be appointed full professor. In reaction he founded several companies of tropical industrial plantations in German colonies.
Otto Warburg died at 10.01.1938 in Berlin.
His author abbreviation: Warb.

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