Pink Water Lily Nymphaea capensis


Nymphaea capensis Thunb. 1800, commonly called Cape Blue Water Lily, is a day-blooming water lily species with blue, violet or pink flowers,
native to tropical Africa.

The stunning flowers with a sweet scent get a size up to about 20 cm in diameter and last for about four days. They open in the morning and close by late afternoon. The circular, green leaves with a serrated edge get a size of up to 40 cm across. The Nymphaea capensis water lily blooms repeatedly from Spring to Autumn. The tropical, aquatic plant requires warm - hot temperatures, a location in full sun - partial shade and needs a lot of space in relatively shallow water. Nymphaea capensis tolerates freezing temperatures as low as about 1°C for short periods and isn`t hardy.

Pink Water Lily Nymphaea capensis
Flower Photography © Orchids
Image: Pink Water Lily Nymphaea capensis

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