Water Lily Hybrid Nymphaea Colorado


Nymphaea Colorado is a hardy water lily hybrid, a crossing betwwen Nymphaea Louise Villemarette and Nymphaea mexicana. The aquatic plant with it´s delicate, peach-colored flowers has been developed by the American waterlily enthusiast and breeder Dr. Robert Kirk Strawn (1922-2008) in the year 1994. The stunning flowers get a size of about 15 cm in diameter stand about 10 cm above the water surface. The day-blooming Nymphaea Colorado flowers from May until September and is known as a diligent bloomer. The aquatic plant requires a location in full sun and a medium-sized pond. Plant this water lily hybrid in depths of 40 - 80 cm. Like most hybrids Nymphaea Colorado flowers are sterile, means plants may not set seeds or seeds are not germinable.

Water Lily Hybrid Nymphaea Colorado
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Image: Water Lily Hybrid Nymphaea Colorado
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