Bridal bouquet (Plumeria pudica)


As I first saw a Plumeria pudica plant, commonly called Bridal bouquet, White Frangipani, Fiddle Leaf Plumeria, Wild Plumeria or Bonairian Oleander, I didn`t expect that the tropical plant belongs to the Plumeria genus.

As other Frangipani plants have woody, tree-like stems, Plumeria pudica looks more like a forb and its spoon-shaped or fiddle-shaped leaves are quite different to other Frangipani species. In contrast to other Frangipanis, which are deciduous, Bridal bouquet, native to Panama, Colombia and Venezuela, is evergreen. Bridal Bouquet can reach a height up to about 5 meters and is very easy to grow. The perennial, tropical plant is best cultivated in full sun, but tolerates light shade as well and is also suitable as a potted plant. Flowering period: Spring - Winter. Flowers get a size of about 8 cm across. As most gardening websites claim, Plumeria pudica blooms are scentless or have just a slight scent, we have to say, that`s wrong. Bridal bouquet flowers are highly fragrant,
strongest from evening until early morning.

Bridal bouquet (Plumeria pudica)
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Image: Bridal bouquet (Plumeria pudica)

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