Pulai Tree (Alstonia angustiloba)


Alstonia angustiloba Miq. 1857, commonly called Pulai Tree or Common Pulai, is a large flowering tree, native to South East Asia.

The Pulai tree belongs to the dogbane family (Apocynaceae) and can reach heights up to about 45 meters. Alstonia angustiloba is widely cultivated in South East Asia as an ornamental tree and for its fragrant flowers. Leaves, roots and latex from the bark are used in natural medicine to cure cancer and to treat skin and respiratory problems. All parts of the plant are toxic ! The Pulai Tree (Alstonia angustiloba) is easily confused with the Devil Tree (Alstonia scholaris), which looks similar and both tropical trees are often planted together. Flower clusters and leaves of Alstonia angustiloba are smaller and the leaves have a longer stem. Pulai flowers are higly fragrant with a sweet scent. Flowering period: Autumn.

Pulai Tree (Alstonia angustiloba)
Flower Photography © Orchids Flowers.com
Image: Pulai Tree (Alstonia angustiloba)
Photographer: Kitisak “Nat” Jaidee

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