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As we started our Photo Blog The Beauty of Orchids & Flowers in mid December 2009 our working motto was: A flower a day.

Because of the not existing or nearly not existing support from our visitors Orchids Flowers.com will come to stagnation soon and we have to apply the emergency brake. Our Photoblog is as 100% financed by online advertisement, which is just ignored by our visitors.

Our all-time income is not reaching 10 $ yet and we don´t have a rich sponsor. So it looks like we have to change our working motto from
“A Flower a Day” to “A Flower a Week”…a month…a year…

Pink Lotus Flower, Nelumbo nucifera
© Orchids Flowers.com
Image: Pink Lotus flower (Nelumbo nucifera)
Photographer: Posantor “Chocolate” Saelie

The work on this orchid & flower site is very time consuming. To produce good photographies is just one task, to identify the orchids & flowers by it´s botanical name and species is a much bigger task and sometimes we have to research more than a week to get the information on a single plant.
At this time of the year, it´s very hot in North Thailand and we have to face temperatures above 40 ° Celsius. A few days ago our flower photographer Nat collapsed because of the heat, while taking pictures from orchids. Fortunatly, a few people been beside him and could catch him and the camera, while he was going down.

Because of our disastrous income situation we have to make major changes to this website. First of all we have to place much more advertisment, so our visitors are able to see it and to attain that, we have to change the frontsite. We will install layer ads soon and in addition to that, we will install an anti-adblock code as well. That means, people which have an adblocker software running on their computer, will not have access to this site. As we figured out, that most of our visitors are coming, downloading our photographies and run away without giving any support to the site, we will try to stop their parasitic behaviours, by installing a special piece of code, which will make it at least very difficult and time consuming to download our work.

Update June 2012:
As our visitors didn`t change their parasitic behaviours, Orchids Flowers.com had to take a rest from end of the year 2010 - beginning of 2012. Both photographers left the team, there was no more work for them and we couldn`t afford to go on. Whilst in December 2011 a friend donated his botanical library to us, we decided to go back to work on our site further on. At the end, if You like our photoblog and if You want to get “A Flower a Day”, then please support our work.


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