Bulbophyllum picturatum (Cirrhopetalum picturatum)


Bulbophyllum picturatum (Lodd.) Rchb.f. 1861, formerly Cirrhopetalum picturatum (Lindl.) Lodd. 1840 is a strange looking epiphytic growing orchid species, native to India (Assam), Myanmar (formerly Myanmar), Thailand and Vietnam.

The flowers of Bulbophyllum picturatum are more reminiscent of an insectivorous plant, than an orchid. The shape, smell and colour of this extraordinary flowers attract different insects, like flies, bees and wasps. Flowers reach a size of up to 5 cm in length. Flowering period: October - January. In Thailand Bulbophyllum picturatum (Cirrhopetalum picturatum) is called “Phad Lueang”, which means “Yellow Fan”. Bulbophyllum picturatum (Cirrhopetalum picturatum) orchids are protected by CITES Appendix II (trade controlled to avoid use incompatible with species survival).

The tropical orchid requires intermediate to hot temperatures, bright light and a good air movement to avoid fungal infection. Plants should be kept moist, but not wet and waterings should be restricted during the winter rest. The former orchid genus Cirrhopetalum isn`t accepted any longer by the science of botany and the Cirrhopetalum species orchids has been moved to the Bulbophyllum section Cirrhopetalum (Lindl.) Rchb. f.1861.

Flower Photography © Orchids Flowers.com
Image: Bulbophyllum picturatum (Lodd.) Rchb.f 1861, Flower Macro
Photographer: Kitisak “Nat” Jaidee

Flower Photography © Orchids Flowers.com
Image: Bulbophyllum picturatum (Lodd.) Rchb.f 1861
(Cirrhopetalum picturatum Lodd. 1840)
Photographer: Kitisak “Nat” Jaidee


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