Dendrobium nobile Lindl. 1830


Dendrobium nobile Lindl. 1830 is certainly one of the best known and most easy to care Dendrobium orchids and widely used as a parent for hybridisation.

The epiphytic, occasionally lithophytic growing, middle sized orchid is native to India (Assam, Sikkim), the Himalayas, Nepal, Bhutan, Myanmar (formerly Burma), Laos, Thailand and Vietnam. There are lots of regional variants of this Dendrobium species and in addition copious quantities of Nobile hybrids. The long-living, fragrant flowers of Dendrobium nobile get a size of about 6 cm. Flowering period: March- April. Dendrobium nobile orchids are protected by CITES Appendix II (trade controlled to avoid use incompatible with species survival). Nobile orchids, species and hybrids as well, require a cold to warm, humid climate and bright light. The orchid needs a winter rest with cool temperatures and less watering. Some sources recommend to keep the orchid dark during the winter, which is nonsense. Also during the winter rest Dendrobium nobile orchids require bright light.

We bought our Dendrobium nobile more then 10 years ago, while travelling through the breathtaking mountain sceneries in North Thailand. Evertime while we`ve been “on the road”, we bought a few orchids in small stalls beside the road, somewhere in the middle of nowwhere. Back home we mounted our souvenirs at our trees in the garden. What we didn`t know at that time, this orchids has been looted in the nature, sometimes even in national parks. Over the years our interest in botany was increasing and we wanted to know more about the background.

We figured out, that many native Thai orchids are already extincted in several areas and that even as the removal of orchids from their natural habitat is a punishable offense, we saw pickup trucks packed with orchids stolen from the nature, which will be sold for a very few Thai Baht. To stop the destruction of the phenomenally biodiversity conservation projects have been founded. The most important project in North Thailand is certainly the Queen Sirikit Botanical Garden in Mae Rim, Chiang Mai. Under the patronage of Her Majesty Queen Sirikit of Thailand orchid researchers operate nurseries to the end that this orchids will be resettled in their natural habitat. We hope this scientists will win the race against greed for money and corruption. Please don`t buy orchids or other plants stolen from nature.

Dendrobium nobile Lindl. 1830
Flower Photography © Orchids
Image: Dendrobium nobile Lindl. 1830

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